Manage your everyday business moves in the USA, remotely.



Starthub is the premier one-stop solution for businesses looking to grow in USA markets. Our innovation center is located in Miami, Florida, and plays home to a variety of businesses that are physically or virtually managed.

Traditionally, virtual office solutions allow access to basic business functions such as business address and phone number. Our virtual solution provides a unique opportunity: a cost-effective, entry-level offer for businesses looking to kickstart their operation in the USA. Through Starthub’s Concierge Services, your virtual office experience is boosted with the help of our world-class acceleration team, remotely.

With access to over 10,000 global service providers, your Starthub Dedicated Concierge is backed by one of the most comprehensive and exhaustive partnership programs in the industry. All of our approved partners and affiliates are hand-picked and screened to ensure they reflect the quality and service that our customers have come to expect of us. At every stage of your business, Starthub acts as the ultimate USA development partner for you.

David Bensoussan

Founder + Managing Director, Starthub Miami


Simply put: they are your gateway to the USA! Starthub Dedicated Concierges are members of the Starthub Acceleration Program Team and have been trained to answer any of your business’ inquiries. Your concierge can analyze your needs and make suggestions with the help of trusted industry professionals, in turn helping you run your business smoothly. Our team is made of actual business developers that perform corresponding duties with our portfolio companies. They’re also equipped to speak English, Spanish or French.

We are very grateful for everything our concierge did to help our business grow. From introducing us to a reliable warehouse partner to handling contracts and facilitating negotiations. We have been operating confidently for 3+ years.

Maxx Appelman

Founder, Truly Organic

This team has been our eyes and ears in the USA. A recent project required printing and shipping to Mexico, but our concierge made all the necessary arrangements. They even assisted with creating an invoice for the distributor.

Christian Ruiz

CEO, Magic Xperience

Starthub’s Concierge Services has helped us get some of the best introductions in the USA markets. Although we operate from Canada, we trusted the team to remotely organize our booth at our first USA trade show.  From start to finish they made our product shine.

Daniel Amsellem

Board of Directors, Amsellem


Starthub Essentials PRO+

Starting from $199/ month

Everything that comes with Starthub Essentials is maximized alongside your Starthub Dedicated Concierge. We handle administrative duties, facilitate meeting coordination and support you in negotiations. Our focus is growing your business.

Starthub Essentials

Starting from $99/ month

Let’s start with the basics. You need a business address in the USA, with a voicemail to be able to check your messages. A Starthub Dedicated Concierge introduces you to trusted industry professionals and can help you run your business more smoothly.

Business Address Only

Starting from $39/ month

Your USA headquarters will have a prestigious Downtown Miami address without you having to move an inch. With your own mailbox for correspondence, you can grow business in US effeciently and easily.

Starthub’s Global Network

Gain access to trusted industry professionals. We pride ourselves in quick introductions to legal, accounting, banking, and finance experts (just to name a few).

Miami Business Address:

Your USA headquarters will have a prestigious Downtown Miami address without you having to move an inch.

Dedicated Phone Number: 

Along with your Magic City address, you will have a 305 or 786 number to match. As a busy professional, voicemail is a great solution for when you can’t get to the phone.

Live Receptionist Services:

A friendly staff member is available during office hours to handle calls with your personalized greeting, receive mail, and handle client reception.

Administrative Support:

Your concierge provides support with USA email management, electronic file management, travel arrangements, and online research.

Business Negotiation Support:

Our team is prepared to help you get the most value by supporting any USA business negotiations.

Virtual Calendar Coordination:

Managing a calendar effectively is a valuable skill. It’s critical to the organization and productivity of your business.

In-Call / In-Meeting Support:

By request, a concierge may participate in meetings, provide clarifications, and reports to summarize important terms discussed with partners.