Grow Your Company into the US

The costs and challenges associated with testing a new market or operating from abroad can be daunting. Starthub’s soft landing solutions help consumer-centric companies quickly connect to the South Florida business community and launch your products or services to a national audience. We also help expanding companies establish a presence in one of the most dynamic economic markets in the world.

Companies looking to open a U.S. subsidiary or division in South Florida can take advantage of Starthub’s platform and curated resources to help you frictionlessly transition to a new business environment and quickly grow revenues to mitigate your investment in expansion. Business operations will be handled by the Starthub team to ensure your US endeavor is a sure one. This means that you can hold off on expensive and time-consuming immigration processes while your offering gains traction in the US market. We’ll handle the entire process, from incorporation to boosting your sales and optimizing your logistics. Apply now to learn more about what a Starthub Soft Landing can do for your business!

Sales Not Where You Want Them?

Starthub is looking for top companies with a consumer-centric product or offering that have already launched and begun to achieve sales in a market outside of the US. We are the ultimate soft-launch partners, collaborating with our portfolio companies to streamline the process of opening their US subsidiary with a frictionless entry to-market. We have sales relationships with major retailers throughout North America, and our community of service providers allows us to operate our portfolio companies with optimum results.
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    Entry to a new market is daunting, especially one as sophisticated and complex as the US market. We are experts in launching and growing companies here, and have built a stellar team of entrepreneurs and resources ready to execute your launch.
    We focus on growing sales, your online presence, optimizing US operations, and achieving exponential growth within your first year in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is soft landing?
Soft landing is the quickest and least risky method for companies to enter the US market. They can test the market, position their brand, and ease into operations as the subsidiary grows. We highly recommend soft landing with a qualified partner, such as Starthub, to co-manage this process with you so you don’t take your attention away from your main operations.

Starthub’s Soft Landing program allows us to act as an all-in-one operation manager for your US subsidiary. For the soft landing, we will set up your US subsidiary and co-manage it alongside your main company. We will set up turnkey US operations for you in the US while you are overseas. We will take over the management of your US subsidiary and send you reportings. We will also connect you with legal experts who can advise you on the visa process.Our objective in this program is to help you easily and successfully launch your business into the US market from abroad.

Why is Starthub's Soft Landing program unique?
Starthub is a unique platform that will execute the development of your US subsidiary. We will help you enter the US market rapidly and successfully with an optimized budget and reporting. Starthub’s Soft Landing program encompasses every aspect of establishing and growing your business in the US market, including executive office setup, recruitment and training of your US team, legal assistance, marketing and sales strategies, web development, logistics, and reporting of operations with a dedicated business manager.

Through years of experience, Starthub has also built an incredible network of certified partners, economic development agencies, government organizations and financial groups to support the operations we pursue with you.

The Starthub Soft Landing program has been designed to help international companies that already have launched and gained traction abroad to enter a new market seamlessly. Companies who use our program will receive:

1) A physical office in our premier coworking space in Downtown Miami
2) A US Team that collaborates on each project under a dedicated business manager
3) Planning and execution of sales and marketing strategies with full reporting
How does Starthub's Soft Landing program work?
Our program follows a specific methodology to launch your business into the US. First, we will conduct an audit of your business and current market trends in the US for your particular industry. Next, we will define a strategy with specific milestones, prioritizing the needs and goals of your business. Additionally, we will open your physical office in the US market. Then, we will recruit and train your US team. Finally, we will begin your US operations and reportings.
Why should I expand in the US?
The United States is one of the biggest economies in the world. It boasts a GDP greater than that of the entire European Union, and is expected to peak this year. Opportunities exist for companies of all sizes across the subsectors that make up the consumer products landscape. It is no secret that the US market is a fertile ground in which to grow your company.

Additionally, Miami is a great city to begin your operations. Located in the US market and on the brink of the Latin American and Caribbean markets, Miami features a variety of industries, very diverse employees, and companies from early stages to corporations and everything in between. Miami is also a burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem, voted #2 in startup activity in the US (Kauffman Index) and #3 top emerging tech hub (Mashable). Its international airport is one of the world’s busiest hubs for international and domestic air travelers and cargo. Miami is also home to one of the most diverse, multilingual populations in the US. Finally, Florida has 0% local and state income taxes and the 3rd largest workforce in the nation, with over 9.7 million talented, diverse workers.
What are the benefits of using a soft landing solution versus expanding into the US on my own?
Firstly, the cost of using a soft landing is a fraction of the cost to expand into the US market on your own. Details like office space and your US team will be included in your soft landing solution, which will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Secondly, we will provide you with an optimized team. This means that you will not have to worry about expensive salaries of full-time hires. Our team works on an on-demand basis. Finally, our experience will help you avoid many common mistakes and make your transition into the US much more smooth. With an established network and deep familiarity with this market, Starthub’s Soft Landing program can help you successfully launch in the US.
Do I have to be in Miami to apply for/benefit from soft landing?
You do not have to move to the US for the Soft Landing program. We will build your US team around you and work with you to complete predetermined milestones while you are still abroad. However, getting a visa with permissions to conduct business in the US is highly recommended.
What if I want to open my US subsidiary in a city other than Miami?
Starthub uses Miami as a soft landing platform to test the US market, kickstart your revenue and optimize your costs. However, after testing the market you do not have to stay in Miami. We can schedule a transition phase, in which you can relocate your business to another city and allocate a different budget to marketing there. We usually recommend for your US subsidiary to stay within our business center, but we have relocated and remotely operated some of our soft landing clients.
How do I get my visa?
Our Soft Landing program has a legal department that will take care of your visa process. We can assist with E2, L1, and B1/B2 visas. We will ensure that every dollar you invest in the US is accounted for to meet the substantial investment requirements toward a potential investment-based visa.
How long does soft landing take?
Starthub’s Soft Landing program will take between 6-12 months, based on your company’s goals and the complexity of your industry. The program is designed to help you establish a brand and a presence in the US market, thus the exact time-frame varies for each company.
How much does soft landing cost?
Each program is tailored to the company’s specific needs and budget. On average, our existing clients invest about $80,000 USD during their first year of soft landing.
What does it take to become part of Starthub’s Soft Landing program?
We are looking for revenue-generating companies that are cash positive and looking to continue their growth in a new market. We prefer fully-formed teams, market-validated products, and revenue generation between $2-$10M per year.
How can I apply for the Starthub Soft Landing Program?
To apply for the Starthub Soft Landing Program, start by filling out our application, available here. Our team will review your application. If we determine that your company is a good fit for our program, one of our team leaders will reach out to schedule a video conference, so we can better understand your company’s history and goals. Finally, they will put together a proposal for you and your team to review and set a start date for the program.