Starthubcenter’s Coding Academy

Finally an affordable & premium course in Miami.

Why Coding?

Technology is disrupting every industry. Whether you want to start your own tech company or work within the technology sector, learning to code in South Florida will open doors. Now is the time to code.


Computer science jobs are growing at two times the national average.


Computer Engineers.are among the highest paid professionals in the country.


The technology sector is at the center of economic growth across the globe.

Programs and Benefits

A Premium Program designed to launch your web developer career

Really senior mentoring

All of their staff has 10+ years coding and holds senior possitions in Miami’s tech industry.

Top notch technology stack

Coding is changing a lot RIGHT NOW, learn the newest and most needed languages and frameworks in the market. Your potencial employeers will love it.

Really Part-time

It is not about teaching on after-hours, it requires much more! This course is meant for employed professionals, we have designed the perfect method for flexible and blended learning.

Skills: Be prepared for the next decade

Develop the skills senior developers need to be successfull like the following.

Web Architect

When people search for Senior Developers they are really looking for Web Architects: Understand HTTP properly, AJAX, APIs, POST, GET, HTTPS, Client vs Server, etc.

Dynamic Websties

HTML5 and CSS are only the top of the iceberg, todays websites use JS, React, Webpack, Python, django, Mongo and hundreds of technologies.

Data Master

There is more data and information every day, being able to manipulate that data its mandatory to create today’s products..

Logical Thinker

Think like a computer and create top-quality algorithms: Loops, conditionals, functions, variables, etc.

Search and Research

Most of the specs are poor and lack details. Sometimes the best developers are those that find examples faster than anyone. Learning to search key to success!

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