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What is Starthub?

At Starthub we focus on business growth acceleration for consumer-centric companies of all shapes and sizes. We understand the value of metrics and understanding your market, as well as driving sales through powerful mechanisms. We have launched many companies in the US market both from abroad and homegrown. No company should fail in the world’s strongest economy, and at Starthub, we are dedicated to providing the tools and resources necessary to propel you towards success.

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Welcome to the Starthub ecosystem! Members are planted into the Starthub community, connecting with the resources necessary to grow your company.


Once your US operations are set up within the Starthub ecosystem, we focus on streamlining your sales and raising your revenues.


We will serve as the catalyst for your company’s exponential growth, placing your products and services with the nation’s top retailers and outlets.


Does Coworking Work for Lawyers?

Practicing law is serious business! We’re a serious coworking office.   Whether it serves as a long-term solution or a “pop-up” spot for clients, coworking spaces offer many amenities and services that are ideal for those practising law. If you’ve ever wondered...
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How a Realtor Can Grow Their Network, Resources & Business

The number one thing you have to be focused on when working with your real estate clients looking for office space is their satisfaction. Coworking offices like ours, are a fantastic resource that you can tap into as a realtor for several reasons. For example,...
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10 Things You Didn’t Know Our Coworking Could do for You

Coworking, generally speaking, means that you can access a productive, shared office environment for your business, for the least amount of dollars, in the most flexible terms possible. From there the list of benefits expands to what has now become the norm for most...
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3 Awesome Things that Happened at Unbound Miami 2017

This past 1st and 2nd of November was a pretty hectic week as far as normal things go in both coworking & Softlanding at our office. It was the launch of the 2-day conference, Unbound Miami. For those that might not be aware, Unbound is the place for brands and...
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Miami Welcomes French Metropolis with Open Arms

Early last week Miami-Dade was paid a visited by the Euro-Mediterranean metropolis, Aix-Marseille-Provence. Monday, November 6, marked an important day in its history. President Jean-Claude Gaudin participated in a Sister City Agreement signing and press conference...
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