A physical address in downtown Miami is just the beginning of your premier Starthub membership. You’ll have access to the following amenities:

  • Virtual office
  • Private dedicated office
  • Conference room
  • Receptionist and virtual assistant
  • Discounted rates from our in-house professionals
  • Networking opportunities within the Starthub community
  • Exclusive industry-specific events

By becoming a premier member at Starthub, you will be welcomed into our international community where everyone is focused on getting the best results for their companies. You’ll have access to country-specific consulates and trade organizations, as well as US-focused economic development and growth opportunities.

*Memberships starting at $499/mo


*Starting at $500/mo

The importance of tracking your business growth is of utmost importance. When you know where you are starting, then you can truly begin to understand what works for your company and customers. Every membership at Starthub includes a Growth + Metrics solution that will help you track your traffic, conversions, and revenues over time to see where you should implement modifications and what channels are working best for your offering. We’ll sync your books and your digital channels to your Starthub profile, and will provide you with monthly reports as to what’s working and what’s not.
Once you have a solid understanding of where you are currently, we will work with you to optimize your best sales channels. This could include your website and checkout process, your social media profiles (including content type and targeted ads), as well as any other sales channels you are using.
In this stage, your company will need to start expanding your US team. Instead of spending weeks in invaluable time searching for, hiring, and training the right candidate, Starthub will deploy our internal talent to meet your needs. Whether you need design work, social media content, market research, bookkeeping services, or other essential operations, we have vetted professionals that are interested in working with you. Part-time access to these professionals can be included in your Starthub membership so that you have the talent you need, when you need it.
We want to ensure that your products or services are selling in the best environments possible. Once your company sales are stabilized, our business development team will find the right partners for you to place your product in major retailers, or to broadcast your service to influencers and tastemakers. This stage is where we take your sales to the next level and crank up your revenues.


We want to ensure that your products or services are selling in the best environment possible. The Starthub team will “take over” your operations, unleashing our acceleration engine to grow your company at an unprecedented pace. Once your existing funnels are optimized, our business acceleration team will determine the right partners to place your product in major retailers, or to broadcast your service to influencers and tastemakers.
*Starting at $4000/mo




Your environment is key to your growth. Members are planted into the Starthub ecosystem, connecting you with resources necessary to grow your company.


Once your US operations are set up within the Starthub ecosystem, we focus on streamlining your sales and raising your revenues.



We will serve as the catalyst for your company’s exponential growth, placing your products and services with the nation’s top retailers and outlets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't Starthub just a coworking space?

Starthub is so much more than a coworking space! While we have flex desks and dedicated desks in our downtown Miami office, we also have private offices available for those companies wishing to leverage our premier workspace while maintaining their identity.

How much does a Starthub Membership cost?

Each membership is created to fit the unique needs of your company. For US-based firms, plans start at $3000/mo. For companies looking for a soft-launch partner in the US, plans begin at $7000/mo. If you are simply looking for a dedicated desk for your sole proprietorship, those start at $400/mo.

Will Starthub help me with permitting and setup?

Absolutely! Our team and partners are well-equipped to handle the day-to-day needs of a company either setting up shop for the first time, or simply expanding their operations to include the US. These services include: company incorporation, bank account configuration, visa applications, permitting, and more.

Where will my inventory be sent?

Depending on your unique needs and sales process, we will import some of your inventory to one of our US warehouses.

Still have questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to reach out anytime.