We were excited to take part in the Miami Innovators Working Group meeting last month with Mayor Gimenez on ways to amplify our current business & startup landscape. This group, spearheaded by the Miami-Dade Beacon Council‘s head of Technology and Innovation Christine Johnson, works to bring together all the builders, shapers, and thought-leaders committed to growing Miami as an innovation destination.

Being part of this group is a huge responsibility for all parties as we strive to carry the ecosystem on our shoulders to be sure no entrepreneur is overlooked. From a grassroots freelancer meet-up group that fosters collaboration between emerging creative talent, all the way to U.S. soft-landing providers, accelerators, incubators, coworking spaces, coding schools, VC groups and social ventures, we are all coming together to move our city forward.

“We must have an environment in government that is open to innovation and what is good for the people… We are working on changing the culture.” – Mayor Carlos Gimenez

We were thrilled to find the Mayor was very accessible and open to our thoughts and suggestions while being receptive and engaged to translating the conversation into action. This meeting provided a unique opportunity for decision-makers from multiple business support organizations like ours to share perspectives and learn from each other–something that otherwise might not have happened. This sharing of ideas enables faster and more efficient positive change in Miami.

For us here at Starthub, this was a great step forward as we look to bring international companies into the U.S. market. Ensuring them that we can plug their businesses into a community that strives to see them succeed is a HUGE asset. Combining our solutions with strategic relationships and alliances will make all the difference for these companies when comparing Miami to other candidate cities in the country.

Let’s make this happen! 3-0-5! 3-0-5!



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