The Startup Nation Conference was a unique a chance to explore Israel’s exceptional entrepreneurial system. The Idea Center @ MDC and StarTau Tel Aviv College Business enterprise Center cooperated together to have this activity for Miami to learn from their success stories. The conference was the first of its kind and concentrates solely on Israel’s strategy to become the best ecosystem of startup groups on the planet.

The conference followed the startup’s life cycle format: Ideation, Launch, Growth and Exit. In each session, panelist shared their insights and lessons learned.

Waze and Wix are two big names to jump out of the Israeli startup scene and onto the world stage.  How do we explain Israeli success? Some experts said that their insight has something to do with the country’s required military enrollment and subsequent training, which is often the source of lifelong connections. Young men and woman are taught a great sense of commitment and responsibility there, usually key factors to develop successful companies.

When commenting on “Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle”, the writer Jon Rosen  highlighted the following:

It’s all part of what Israelis call Rosh Gadol, or “big head” thinking — following orders, but in a way that emphasizes improvisation over rigid discipline. “Instead of the quiet acceptance of doctrine and tradition witnessed in the case of most other armies,” the authors write, “growth of the Israeli army has been marked by a turmoil of innovation, controversy, and debate.”

Thinking outside the box is determinant when embracing new ventures. We hope that Miami grows their Rosh Gadol after building this great connection with Israel.

startup nation

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