The development of messaging services such as Slack, Facebook At Work, and Hip Chat in corporations represents a fantastic opportunity to transform how we communicate and to encourage team building.


iPlus is a company with a mission to improve communication between teammates and help companies develop their team building. They believe team building is crucial as it allows you to motivate your team and therefore increase productivity.

iPlus’ first product is called SABABOT. And it’s ready for the Euro soccer championship and the Copa America. The product is a message-first service only living on SLACK- the number one messaging service for corporations – that will allow you to bet with your coworkers. No money is involved, you decide as a company how you want to reward the winners.

Sababot is releasing EUROSABA & COPASABA that allows anyone within an organization to bet for the EURO Championship & the Copa America.

The service is entirely free.

How it works?

  1. Once the bot is installed on a channel, Invite the bot on this channel (click on the gear icon and on «Invite team members to join» or type«/invite @EuroSaba / @CopaSaba»
  2. To see the upcoming games to bet on, Type“list” in a Direct Message to @EuroSaba or @CopaSaba
  3. Bet! Place your bets until 5min before each game (e.g If you think France will beat Romania 3-0 in game 1, then type “bet game 1 3-0”.) Also, try to guess the final score! Championship Bonus: bet on the winning team “ bet winner [team]”, 2nd place team “bet finalist [team]” and top goal scorer “bet top scorer [player]” for extra points.

Now you’ve placed your bets, follow the games and check out your points! To see your score, type “leader board” For help: type “help” on Slack

Who is iPlus?

iPlus is focusing on developing innovative solutions for companies for their team building. Sababot is focusing on bots and messaging-only products. For more info about iPlus product, please contact:


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