In a world of increasing complexity, PHI Cubed and its employees believe that the efficient management of building information will be a key factor in the competitiveness and success of AEC (Architectural / Engineering / Construction) firms, as well as building owners in the near future. As the AEC industries move towards a more integrated enterprise model, PHI Cubed is here to support their teams with the practice, process and technology to manage building information through the lifecycle of each and every single project they delve in.

Most notably, this past month PHI Cubed acquired Miami International Airport as a major client. As they lead the way in building infrastructure management (also known as BIM) technologies, they’re not only able to execute their solutions on new projects, but bring current infrastructure to modern times. They are currently involved in a massive undertaking to bring one of the U.S. busiest airports to the forefront of most travel facilities when it comes to the management and maintenance of this most crucial asset in Florida. We are very excited to see this company growing by leaps and bounds. We’ll keep you posted with all their latest developments in our blog.

PHI Cubed’s aim is to integrate all available building information and building systems data into one central database. This will allow them to manage all the building systems and lifecycle of facilities. They are investing part of the intellectual capital of the firm towards further advancing this goal through research and development via their Solutions Department. They are the ones responsible for creating proprietary software that’s aligned with their main objectives which include ideas for customized mass production, rapid prototyping, visualization, improving integration with fabricators and conflict resolution services.



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