Sarah Akiba is a life stylist based out of Miami, FL. Sarah’s emphasis has always been on funky freshness, and she believes that looking great should not cost a fortune.

With her connections in the fashion industry, Sarah Akiba is able to provide original, amazing quality pieces. She has a keen eye for the latest styles and creating obtainable looks that are sure to have you looking your best. Whether it’s a music video, editorial photo shoot, red-carpet event, a night out with the girls, or a three day festival… you’re sure your to have your friends saying “That’s So Akiba!”


A recent graduate of The University of Miami, Sarah Akiba has always worked for what she wants, and gravitates towards people who feel the same. As a designer of both clothing and jewelry, a stylist, and a fashion addict; Sarah Akiba created So Akiba because of the lack of affordable quality fashion. Her styling eye, honed by working with the likes of Plum Magazine, Stylist Rachael Russell, Lindsey Lohan, Prestige Imports, Claudio Milano, Karent Sierra, Nyla of Brick N Lace, Tafari, Director Rona Cohen, and many more has served to make her a recognizable name in the Miami fashion and art scenes.


Sarah is also the founder of Angel Watching Over Me. She started this foundation in order to help fund other non profits and unite all people who have lost an “Angel”. AWOM, an acronym for Angel Watching Over Me, derived from a social media trend #AngelWatchingOverMe where other victims began telling their stories about their “angels”. So this foundation is for them, to raise awareness and support the victims and families left behind by a loving friend, family, or any other important person in their life. Not only for those who have lost someone, but AWOM also helps other organizations and foundations and serves as their “Angel” by donating and volunteering.

Welcome to the Starthub coworking space, Sarah!


On June 5, 2016, Angels Watching Over Me is running for a cause. 

AWOM will be raising funds for The Elyse Marcus Legacy Foundation.
You can keep updated by visiting


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