We are delighted to announce that early in March, two successful companies joined us as coworking members and chose the benefits of working in a Innovation Hub like ours.


Entrepreneurship is a journey. It never ends, despite many milestones and satiating accomplishments. But it all begins with the initiative. The initiative of an idea, developing that idea, writing down the business plan, launching the venture, working on business development and growing the enterprise to the level that one aspires for! It all begins with aspirations and startups. But startups don’t succeed all the time. More startups fail than those tasting success. That is where BizGurux becomes relevant. BizGurux is your gateway to successful entrepreneurship.
Andres Aguerrevere, aka BizGurux. Currently based in Miami, Florida. With more than ten years of experience as an entrepreneur in eCommerce, He developed a forte comprising of digital marketing, business development, website solutions and integration. With specific expertise in digital marketing on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and all kinds of website solutions including the domains of email automation and more, Andres have been working with entrepreneurs to help establish and grow their startups.
If you have an idea and aspire to become an entrepreneur, then BizGurux can offer you all the help you need, from launching your startups to succeeding in your journey of entrepreneurship.

Apptamin is a video production company specialized in producing promotional videos, game trailers, app previews and video ads for mobile apps and games.
With about 700 videos created since 2012, Apptamin is one of the leaders in its niche and has developed strong partnerships with developers and companies abroad and in France, including large accounts and successful startups such as Intel Software, Chartboost, Vivino, Marriott, Intuit, GrubHub, Tango, etc.
The videos produced are done either in motion graphics or live video and are used on different channels:
– App Store (App Previews)
– Google Play Store
– Website/PR
– Video ads (Facebook ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube TrueView ads, other ad networks – Vungle, Chartboost, etc.)

We are delighted to add active, enthusiastic coworking members to our hub, and at StartHub we look forward to many years of happy coworking!


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