ARTECH SAS Grows IoT Portfolio – Pioneer in bringing inert objects to life.


Miami, FL– 03/11/2016 – Reflecting the rapid growth in the augmented reality space, France-based ARTECH SAS has chosen StartHub, a Miami, FL business accelerator, as its new US headquarters to continue growing operations and develop US and South American markets. This follows a $550k Seed Round led by Finaben, a global investment firm who launched the StartHub program in October, 2015.   

The company, who developed the mobile application, Magic Xperience, focuses on building out networks of products in the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) revolution.  More specifically, the company arms businesses that manufacture inert objects, like disposables, and enables them to take a step into the future by harnessing these products with an immersive augmented reality experience. While many companies like Facebook and Google are currently developing virtual reality experiences using headsets and wearables, Magic Xperience appeals to mass market audiences using currently-available mobile devices that are more than capable of delivering an incredible experience to be shared with friends and family.

“We are thrilled to see our vision maturing and excited to take this giant step towards bigger and better. We believe Miami is a fantastic strategic move for us and we’re pleased to have the StartHub team on board to lead sales and distribution.”  -Christian Ruiz, CEO – Magic Xperience

Magic Xperience designs in-house custom animations for virtually everything and places focus on enhancing experiences, like special events; theme parks & sporting venues; and holidays & birthdays. As it stands currently, Magic Xperience is the only consumer augmented reality company that allows users to capture precious moments on video with augmented reality animations. From your favorite athlete appearing life-size, to a personalized message from your favorite cartoon character, Magic Xperience is dedicated to helping manufacturers capture brand awareness and provide analytics for their products.   To date, the company has already closed major deals with European market leaders & global brands including PAP*STAR, Former All Blacks Rugby Player (Byron Kelleher), PCB Creation and 3M (Scotch).

The application is free to download and can be found on App Stores for both iOS and Android.
To see Magic Xperience in action, visit:

About ARTECH: ARTECH SAS is the team behind the Magic Xperience application, which gives manufacturers & wholesalers of inert physical items the ability to amplify the user experience using the latest technologies, thus creating or increasing brand loyalty, while simultaneously providing these same companies cross-sell opportunities and analytics on their users in an unprecedented way.
About Finaben: Finaben is a global consulting firm that offers business development and funding to startups and SMB’s. They utilize a worldwide network of investors, business developers and experts who will support and provide hands-on resources to ensure a successful strategy from planning to implementation, and everything in between.
About StartHub Miami: StartHub™ is an incubator / innovation hub that offers tools, programs & extensive resources for entrepreneurs & innovators across the globe. StartHub utilizes an international network of mentors, investors and key industry experts that focus on your goals. The team is driven by results and is dedicated to igniting rapid growth for small- and medium-sized businesses globally.

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