That is a great question if you ask me and here’s a short answer: I think that if you look at the entire landscape of coworking companies, you’ll find that a lot of them are being operated by an owner or entity with other businesses in place. What I mean by that is, they are most likely being sustained by other projects or part of a grander picture to create a bigger impact for their local startups that get involved with them. To put this into context, Starthub is part U.S. Softlanding Solutions provider as well as an accelerator for small to medium-sized businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. Having business operations in Europe and Canada, we had a need to eventually bring our companies to market in the U.S. (quite possibly the biggest market in the world). By establishing Starthub we are able to, not only accomplish this, but provide local companies with an opportunity to work alongside our now enterprise clients, possibly grow their own clientele plus attract local opportunities for us.


Being great at developing businesses, we’ve focused on offering growth solutions and using our coworking offices for free, momentarily, to effectively be a tool for growth for our clients who can then not only afford four walls, but actually expand to a level that when they outgrow the space, we’ll always have a valuable relationship and care for how well their company performs years after they’ve moved out. In summary, our focus on growing businesses and our current members, allows us to offer the convenience of free space to develop companies of any size to truly impact our local economy. This is how we do it. Hope that when you find yourself looking to expand in your market, you can think of us as a prime partner in doing so.


Starthub is redefining “soft launch” by bringing consumer-centric companies to the US in our unique business growth ecosystem. We leverage local entrepreneurs to fulfill the needs of our member companies launching in the US market and deliver measurable growth within days of joining. Our model allows any company, organization, or ecosystem to “plug in” to our network and achieve tangible results through our three-pillar approach: Coworking / Growth / Acceleration. Click here to join us.