Miami Coworking Members Spotlight: Atelier a Propos


 Vincent Champenois is a graphic designer, art director graduated from the Arts Décoratifs de Paris. His work extended from musical bands to fashion designers and much more. His designs always bring a new approach to type and page design breaking with traditional layout systems. He continues to explore the possibilities of graphic design, particularly typography as a form of expression across print and video for both commercial and cultural clients. Vincent proposal for his website is a clean and simple web layout optimal for lengthy reading ease, the site is as beautiful as it is interesting.

Atelier à Propos specializes in creating visual identities, logotypes and printed material. Atelier à Propos is glad to work with start-ups, SMES and CAC40 companies.


Vincent’s passion for calligraphy and typography is curated in his book Blackletter, the Content of the Form, which provides the reader with an overview of nine centuries of the history of Europe seen through the prism of the Gothic script. This study will give the reader a varied of subjects as history, architecture, religion, politics, science and technology. This book was written in English, in the worries of being accessed by the greatest number, and, like the Gothic script in its time, largely pass on the knowledge it contains.

We are delighted to have active, enthusiastic coworking members to our hub, and at StartHub we look forward to many years of happy coworking!


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