Miami Startups know that there just simply isn’t enough hours in a day.  At StartHub Miami, our incubator and accelerator programs are designed to help entrepreneurs grow rapidly. However, no one can go at it alone. That’s why we gathered a great list of useful apps that will keep you and your team organized.

  1. The Swizzle: Helps you unsubscribe from emails and newsletters by scanning your inbox and collating them so you can choose which to delete
  2. Evernote: For cross-platform information collection- allows you to write notes and access them from any device where the app is installed.
  3. Abukai: an expense-tracking app that lets you photograph receipts, and automatically create an expense report already broken down into cost categorization, date, vendor and all the relevant information.
  4. Freedom: Concentration problems in the office? Freedom solves this problem by shutting down distracting apps and websites for a period of time that you can control.
  5. Google Docs/Drive: Our Favorite and most used one. Allows teams to create online documents, spreadsheets, presentations and much more. People can collaborate at the same time
  6. Meetup: Networking is key for startups and entrepreneurs. Meetup is a great way to find what’s happening around you
  7. Genius Scan: best app that makes your phone into a scanner so you can save things as a PDF or JPEG. You can take a picture just about anything and make it a document.
  8. IF by IFTTT: is the one app that will connect and control all your other apps and your smart devices. You can literally automate your business–and your life.
  9. PROsimity: The fastest way to meet the right professionals locally and at events. This app will help you find people around you to connect and near by networking events you can attend.


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