Soft Landing Solutions

Grow Your Company into the US

The costs and challenges associated with testing a new market or operating from abroad can be daunting. Starthub’s soft landing solutions help consumer-centric companies quickly connect to the South Florida business community and launch your products or services to a national audience. We also help expanding companies establish a presence in one of the most dynamic economic markets in the world.

Companies looking to open a U.S. subsidiary or division in South Florida can take advantage of Starthub’s platform and curated resources to help you frictionlessly transition to a new business environment and quickly grow revenues to mitigate your investment in expansion. Business operations will be handled by the Starthub team to ensure your US endeavor is a sure one. This means that you can hold off on expensive and time-consuming immigration processes while your offering gains traction in the US market. We’ll handle the entire process, from incorporation to boosting your sales and optimizing your logistics. Apply now to learn more about what a Starthub Soft Landing can do for your business!


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