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What is Starthub?

At Starthub we focus on business growth acceleration for consumer-centric companies of all shapes and sizes. We understand the value of metrics and understanding your market, as well as driving sales through powerful mechanisms. We have launched many companies in the US market both from abroad and homegrown. No company should fail in the world’s strongest economy, and at Starthub, we are dedicated to providing the tools and resources necessary to propel you towards success.

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Welcome to the Starthub ecosystem! Members are planted into the Starthub community, connecting with the resources necessary to grow your company.


Once your US operations are set up within the Starthub ecosystem, we focus on streamlining your sales and raising your revenues.


We will serve as the catalyst for your company’s exponential growth, placing your products and services with the nation’s top retailers and outlets.


4Geeks Academy Named a Top Coding School 2017! just named 4Geeks Academy one of the Top Coding Schools of 2017!   4Geeks Academy has designed an excellent Full Stack Web Development program. Across four ongoing programs, they’ve taught over 250 graduates and are celebrating their fourth cohort...
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Successfully Launch Your Operations in the USA

So you’re thinking of expanding your business into US markets and have done extensive research on your own. Your product is doing better than ever in your home country and you may feel like you are ready to tackle this new development abroad. But the truth of the...
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#WomanCrushWednesday – Summer 2017 Interns

The summer’s coming to an end, and along with the 90+ degree weather, 2 of our coolest interns to date are heading out of here. Tia and Stephanie have survived a summer at Starthub and we are forever grateful for their hard work and dedication to the team. We couldn’t...
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How Does Starthub’s Soft Landing Work?

Ever wonder: how does Starthub's Soft Landing work? Starthub’s Soft Landing is a comprehensive program that encompasses all aspects of a US launch. There are 3 phases of the Soft Landing process. Together, our program will help you expand in the US market and realize...
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Why is the Starthub Soft Landing Program Unique?

In our last post, we discussed soft landing in general. With this post, however, we wanted to highlight our unique offering. The Starthub Soft Landing program is much more than a mitigated way to launch a foreign company into the US market. We pride ourselves on...
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